The Philanthropic Collaborative for Rural Transportation welcomes participation from all sectors of the economy: Business & Industry, Private Philanthropy, and Government. 

Business & Industry are, by far, the largest sector of the economy and play a critically important role in the national landscape of technology, transportation, logistics, and human capital.  We welcome corporate participation in the Philanthropic Collaborative through expertise and resources.  Mobility and the access it provides to the basic necessities of life may be supported through corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy.  

Foundations & Private Philanthropies may wish to support the technology infrastructure on which transportation services rely, or they may prefer to implement service delivery within their geographic region. We invite and welcome all: 
Regional Funders whose primary focus is supporting their local communities may provide startup funds for grassroots, volunteer transportation providers on the ITNCountry platform. 
National Funders with the resources and ability to effect change on a large scale may be interested in supporting technology infrastructure capable of empowering communities to provide transportation for older adults and people with mobility challenges.  

Government is in the ideal position to impact transportation issues through public policy.  It is with these levers of power that government can positively incentive and reduce barriers to our innovative solutions to nonprofit, community-based volunteer transportation.  In addition to transportation supported with public resources, government at the local, state, and national level can create incentives or remove barriers to use private resources and greatly expand mobility for older adults and people with mobility challenges.  An example of a policy that removes a barrier to the use of private resources is regulation that protects volunteer drivers from increases in their automobile insurance.