The Philanthropic Collaborative for Volunteer Transportation welcomes participation from all sectors of the economy: Business & Industry, Philanthropy, and Government. 

  • Transportation means access to healthcare, shopping, and services everywhere 
  • Transportation for older adults affects almost every family in America and because it is a family issue, it is a personnel issue 
  • Transportation is the next frontier for corporate social responsibility

Philanthropies of all types—regional, national, private and corporate–have tried for decades to address unmet mobility needs. AVDC is an opportunity to increase the nation’s supply of volunteer drivers through a national public awareness campaign with technical support from the CDC. Philanthropies can collaborate and realize benefits in their local communities. 

Government is built for community outreach. At the federal, state, county, municipal and tribal levels, government reaches and serves the people. And the people are the volunteers. As one voice, government, at all levels, can join this campaign.